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    Best Roof Contracters in San Antonio

    This will sound like a total plug for this company, and it one way it is. But I am okay with that, because I just had the best experience ever. Also my house looks better than ever before.


    So what am I raving about? Well you see... My house in San Antonio tx has been bombarded with hail lately, and it's not just any hail either. It's the kind that does some serious damage, especially to roofs. In this case, my roof was one of the hails victims. I don't know how big the balls were but this must've been some super hail because it literally made holes in my roof. Like, I can't fathom how crazy that is, my roof is made out of thick material as well. I had no idea it could break so easily! I'm just glad I wasn't outside when it all came down.


    Anyways, I called Hail damage roof repair san antonio tx to see if they could help a San Antonio brother out. Turns out they can, they even offered me a free inspection of the roof, that way I wouldn't get any surprises when I'm about to pay.


    As my roof had big gaping holes in it, there was a big risk for mold if it would start to rain. Luckily for me, the roofers could actually fix this problem the very same day, so I didn't have to wait long. God knows what would happen if I had waited longer... What if the inner walls of my house would get wet and get all moldy? That wouldn't be very fun.. I can tell you that.


    The damage was repaired already three days later and all I can say is that I am very impressed! Quality customer service, quick execution and very affordable as well. Can't recommend them enough!

    New Blog

    Hey guys and welcome to the new blog. Today I’m gonna talk about something really cool I tried the other day. You probably seen it already, plenty of celebrities and other famous people using it almost daily. And don’t give me crap for using it, I know it’s lazy but it’s just so cool, OK?


    So what did I get myself? Well I got myself one of those so called hoverboards, to be precise I got myself a Lamborghini bluetooth hoverboard. Not only does it a sport a fast Lamborghini inspired design, it has a built in bluetooth speaker, so I can blast my music everywhere I go. Don’t worry I won’t be playing any annoying music like death metal or something, I will probably listen to the radio either way lol.


    It only took me like 5 minutes to learn how to properly ride this thing, I’ve seen so many videos where people struggle to find the balance and so forth. You’ve probably seen those videos too, Mike Tyson fell real hard in a video and landed on his back. That really must’ve hurt! Well I’m glad to say I never fell, not even when I tried to ride down a curb. Maybe I’m a natural born talent?


    Anyways, I’ve been riding around on my sporty hoverboard all day long today. It’s a really cool feeling and I feel pretty awesome riding down the sidewalk to the grocery store, getting that Mountain Dew and Doritos.


    The only thing I am worried about is that this thing might catch on fire, I read plenty of news articles before where the main headline was something like ”HOVERBOARD CAUGHT ON FIRE”. But from what I read these where very cheap knock offs from China, luckily I bought mine from an American retailer so everything will probably be alright!